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All Rules Must Be Followed.

1. Submissions can be used,


2-A Pins ONLY after Signatures or Finishers, & OMG moments. No roll ups. No spam pins especially when the pin was cancelled/broken manually by the game or you, cannot re-pin after hitting a sig/finisher. Must cancel the pin if so.

2-B When it comes to tag team, you cannot re-pin if you, your partner, or your opponent already broke it up. If you do, you must cancel the pin.

2-C Cannot win with lag pins!

2-D Cannot win with dirty pins!


3. If you get eliminated from ANY multi-man match; you MUST remain in game. (you cannot leave/rage quit, it can cause split screens and ruin the match for everybody.)


4. There is no reversal limit.


5. If you get chosen to be on an upcoming PPV, you must post at least 3 promos going into your match as you are defined by role plays you post up, and the matches you play together as a whole. (storyline, roleplays, open challenges, exc.)


6. You must screenshot your match result and post it in the PS4 OWF Chat.


7. If you no show a PPV match and you are a champion; the title will be forfeited to the contender or there will be replacement of the champion depending on the situation! (If multiples are in the match, those competitors need to have a match for that title)


8-A If you are a Champion, you cannot put your title on the line unless asking xPC-Rashford-19x or OBEY_Smithy for permission, unless you are a extreme rules champion since that title is a 24/7 defense.


8-B If a title strip is needed, evidence is the solution. Not quite a rule but in case of suspicion in your matches that you want to report to the owners, have the ShareFactory app record and post the video to your channel so we can view any rules being broken. (Make a channel - video proof is key)


9-A. With Countout Wins, you cannot purposely hold your opponent outside the ring holding both right trigger button. You will be DQ'd


9-B. For Champions, yes if you decide to be heel and count yourself out, you remain Champion BUT only if the champions health is in RED! (I REPEAT THIS FEATURE WORKS FOR CHAMPIONS ONLY IF YOU HAVE A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF HEALTH LOSS I.E YELLOW IS GONE AND ONLY RED REMAINS. Otherwise you lose your title. This can be only done once out of a heel reign.


10. Running to the stage to stall time in a match should only be done once or never in a match. This rule goes to all matches, but specifically targets tag matches when there is a 2v1 situation.


11-A The eXtreme rules championship has a 24/7 rule, as where the champion must take on any challenges that comes his way (in gaming terms this means he must defend his title once or some cases twice a week, instead of having normal 1v1 matches on the card. If Champion does not show than the title is stripped and given to the opponent instantaneously) it is considered the hardest title to hold onto in OWF and the Owner respects it if he can hold it for a lengthy amount of time, thus go into higher opportunities faster then others.


11-B In each extreme rules title defense, weapons MUST be used! 18. OWF annually holds a Money in a Bank PPV to crown a winner for the briefcase in which they earn a undisputed title shot anytime for up to one year. If they cash in on whoever is the undisputed champion right after their match, the champion must let the opponent weaken him to that health. The champion only gets to use resiliency once for their match against the person cashing in. Their momentum goes back to default once cashed in on as well. Adding on to that, the champion goes in with ONE reversal and the challenger gets stored with AT LEAST 2 FINISHERS!


12. Regulars must have a realistic moveset.


13. You cannot freeze your opponents.